Plug-In PHP: 100 Power Solutions: Simple Solutions to Practical PHP Problems

100 power solutions to real-world problems

This practical guide gives you 100 ready-to-run PHP functions for solving most of the main problems you encounter when building a dynamic website with PHP. Every plug-in in the book offers a complete and working solution for a result you can achieve right away, using ready-made code you simply drop into your own program. And there’s little or no learning curve, because each one is self-contained and thoroughly documented.

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Moodle 1.9 English Teacher’s Cookbook

Connecting the ideas of students is one of the most difficult tasks to carry out in the teaching process. Performing these types of tasks through Moodle will help you overcome complex situations while you teach. If you are looking for a guide that will show you how to improve your skills in using Moodle, as well as enhance your way of teaching in virtual classrooms, your search ends right here.

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PrestaShop 1.3 Beginner’s Guide

PrestaShop is a hidden gem. There are many much more widely known online shopping cart solutions that have nothing like the features, potential, and ease of use that this open source, completely free-to-use, system has. But until now there has been no information available on how to make the most of it. This book takes a step-by-step approach to help you set up your own e-commerce store and maximize its potential. Even if you are totally new to e-commerce and PrestaShop, you can have your own functioning e-commerce store quickly and with tiny expenditure. Imagine the feeling when you get that glorious e-mail saying that you have your first paying customer.

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Least Privilege Security for Windows 7, Vista, and XP

Least Privilege Security is the practice of assigning users and programs the minimum permissions required to complete a given task. Implementing this principle in different versions of Microsoft Windows requires careful planning and a good understanding of Windows security. While there are benefits in implementing Least Privilege Security on the desktop, there are many technical challenges that you will face when restricting privileges.

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Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache All in One, Second Edition

You own your own business. You have also created a website for your business that details the products or services that you offer, but it doesn’t allow potential customers to purchase anything online. Don’t risk losing business-learn to create a dynamic online environment using only three programs. PHP, MySQL and Apache are three popular open-source tools that can work together to help you create a dynamic website, such as an online shopping experience. Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache All in One is a complete reference manual for all three development tools.

You will learn how to install, configure and set up the PHP scripting language, use the MySQL database system, and work with the Apache Web server. Then you’ll take it a step further and discover how they work together to create a dynamic website. Use the book and the included CD to create a simple website, as well as a mailing list, online address book, shopping cart and storefront. Updated to reflect the most recent developments in PHP and MySQL, including the final stable release of MySQL 5.0, you will open your website to limitless possibilities with Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache All in One.

Weight Loss Tips Recommended Site

Everyone, especially women, want to have a slim body. For some people have a body fat was a big trouble, so many people take a variety of ways to eliminate obesity or reduce weight. One way is to go on a diet. But you have to be careful! Many diet programs are wrong, so harmful to your body. The important thing to understand is there are no shortcuts to reduce your weight. All need a continuous process.

If you want to go on a diet for weight loss, maybe you should check them first to site. These sites provide a variety of useful tips for you who will go on a diet or lose weight. So, for you who still struggle with weight loss, perhaps you can check out this site

PHP: The Good Parts: Delivering the Best of PHP

Get past all the hype about PHP and dig into the real power of this language. This book explores the most useful features of PHP and how they can speed up the web development process, and explains why the most commonly used PHP elements are often misused or misapplied. You’ll learn which parts add strength to object-oriented programming, and how to use certain features to integrate your application with databases.

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Free WordPress Themes from

Wprex is one site that provides free wordpress themes. Free addition, we also do not need to register to the site to download the theme. We can choose wordpress theme through easy navigation and categories. We can choose based on specifications such as 1-column themes, 2-column, left-sidebar, widget-ready, and so forth. We can also choose based on color and theme keywords. Here are examples of wordpress themes are available on the site Wprex:


Visual Basic 2010 Programmer’s Reference

0470499834Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) is the most popular programming language in the world, with millions of lines of code used in businesses and applications of all types and sizes. The new release of Visual Basic 2010 is tightly integrated with the Windows operating system and the .NET programming environment. Renowned VB authority Rod Stephens provides a comprehensive guide to Visual Basic programming, including the latest enhancements to the VB language and programming environment with Visual Studio 2010 The tutorial is packed with detailed and practical code examples that show readers how to master all of the features of VB.

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Personal Injury Lawyer in Hawaii

Are you like traveling? If so, you should know about personal injury lawyer, because you never know what will happen to you during vacation. Personal Injury Lawyer is person who are dedicated to providing personal injury victims with the aggressive advocacy and knowledgeable. If you’re on vacation in Hawaii, you can find Personal Injury Laywer Hawaii that will help you in any accident you may experience during a vacation in Hawaii. This Personal Injury Hawaii is led by a lawyer named David W. Barlow and has offices in Honolulu and in Leeward Oahu. So, with the support of Hawaii Injury Lawyers you can enjoy a vacation in Hawaii with a comfortable and safe.