Java the UML Way

Java the UML way” is a fact-paced text which teaches programming in Java. Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the modeling tool in this book.

Object orientation is presented early, and traditional topics of control structures and arrays are cast into an object oriented context. The use of available classes is stressed, and classes for user communication (JOptionPane), sound, images, graphics, sorting and searching are covered in the first part. Applets and applications illustrate use of language features.

The second part covers intermediate-to-advanced topics, e.g. understanding of graphical user interfaces (GUI) by means of the Swing libraries, thread programming, algorithms and data structures (the Collection classes and more), distributed systems (sockets and RMI), database interfacing (JDBC) and web-programming (servlets/JSP). makes available all the examples, solutions to all small problems and to several programming problems. Overhead slides for each chapter are also available, as well as links to more Internet resources.

You will learn…

  • How to “translate” a UML class diagram into Java source code.
  • How to construct first classes even before writing the simplest if-statement.
  • How to use standard SDK 2 classes and the SDK online API documentation
  • How to write programs according to Sun’s code conventions (with a few, well documented exceptions).
  • How to separate GUI and application code, and why it is important.
  • How to get started on GUI programming with Swing, and progressing further to master the useful, but difficult JTable and GridBagLayout classes.
  • How to produce larger and more complex programs such as distributed systems with callback and database programs based on the well-known three-layer architecture.
  • How to make JSP Web pages with personalized content for the end users and with database communication.

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