Google AdSense For Dummies

You can get paid for online ad placement with Google AdSense! If you’ve ever considered using AdSense to improve revenue for your Web site, Google AdSense For Dummies will get you started. It’s loaded with tips to help you implement a successful AdSense program.

AdSense lets you generate income with ad placement on blogs and Web sites. Google AdSense For Dummies shows you how AdSense works, how to analyze cost per click and track AdSense results, and how to earn money from your blog or Web site without selling a product. Discover how to:

  • Register and set up an AdSense program
  • Track results with server logs, AdSense reports, and Google Analytics
  • Boost AdSense income with search engine optimization techniques
  • Apply Google guidelines by including relevant links and content, making your site easy to navigate, using a sitemap, and keeping links in good repair
  • Fine-tune your Web site with beefed-up content to please Google and boost effectiveness
  • Earn more with AdSense for RSS, streaming video, and referral units
  • Design appealing ads and search boxes, and deal with ads from competitors
  • Add video units to your site, design mobile ad units, and understand referral units

In Google AdSense For Dummies, author Jerri Ledford, a self-described “Google geek,” helps you make money with AdSense.

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  1. […] agar tidak coba-coba melakukannya. Daftar kecurangan berikut ini saya ambil dari buku “Google Adsense for Dummies” yang dapat didownload di situs kumpulan […]

  2. I think that I can download the ebook from Ziddu. Unfortunately, you give fake ziddu link for me.

  3. #John
    Sorry John, I think you are wrong. The link is not fake, i just try it and it’s working. There is direct link

  4. I recently added an Adsense square ads on my travel blog. my adsense earning is still low since i dont have large volume of internet traffic yet.

  5. #caramoan
    i think you must increase your traffic, so it will increase your earning too.

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