Facebook Marketing For Dummies 2009

wiley-marketing-for-dummies-2009Discover how to leverage the power of the Facebook community to achieve your business marketing goals. Facebook boasts an extremely devoted user base, with more than 65 billion page visits per month. With Facebook, an organization can market and promote their brand, products, or services via the network’s built-in components of profile pages, polls, community building, advertising, word-of-mouth marketing, and business applications. This insightful resource focuses on the strategies, tactics, and techniques necessary to lead your organization into the world of Facebook marketing.

Packed with vital real-world case studies, the book serves as a must-have guide for the most reliable, responsible, and ethical business and marketing practices with Facebook.

A helpful reference that discusses essential strategies, tactics, and techniques for excelling in the world of Facebook marketing.

  • Examines setting up a business profile page, hosting an event on Facebook, and tracking your return-on-investment
  • Shares strategies for successful Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Demonstrates how to create widgets and Facebook applications
  • Face it: this essential book contains everything you need to know for your foray into Facebook marketing.

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