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In this book we look specifically at using Dreamweaver’s built-in server behaviors to build dynamic web sites using PHP and MySQL, the world’s most popular open source server-side language and database server combination, which are both reliable, powerful, and open source (and therefore free to use!) This latest version of Dreamweaver includes even more powerful support for PHP and MySQL.

David Powers first takes you through the latest version of Dreamweaver, and how PHP and MySQL fit into it, then looks in-depth at setting up your work environment – installing PHP, MySQL, and the Apache web server, making sure they are all working together, and setting up a new web site via Dreamweaver. He then goes to work, using several tutorials and real world examples including topics such as PHP essentials (knowing what PHP code looks like,) working with forms, designing and implementing effective MySQL databases, debugging and troubleshooting, creating dynamic navigation, login, and search functionality

Examples built throughout the book include a content management system, and an online image gallery. All examples are designed to meet modern usability requirements and be web standards compliant. No previous experience of PHP or MySQL is necessary to use this book.

From the Author

Since my previous book on PHP in Dreamweaver MX 2004, I've spent a lot of time researching the problems people encounter getting PHP/MySQL to work with Dreamweaver. The result is a book that I'm convinced will have you up and running quickly and painlessly. Dreamweaver 8 takes a lot of the hard work out of integrating a database into your websites, but it can’t do everything. So instead of just giving you a series of instructions to click this and click that, I help you understand what’s going on in the background. If you understand why you’re doing something, you’re more likely to remember it, and to get it right.

I’ve based the book round a case study that puts all of Dreamweaver’s PHP server behaviors through their paces, and uses techniques that can be applied to a wide range of sites, whether you’re designing for yourself or on behalf of clients. I also equip you with sufficient knowledge of basic PHP to have the confidence to dive into the code generated by Dreamweaver and tweak it to your own requirements. The emphasis is exclusively on PHP, so you don’t waste any time on information that’s not relevant to what you’re doing.

The final chapter takes an in-depth look at the exciting new addition to Dreamweaver 8’s server behaviors, XSL Transformation, which makes light work of incorporating a live news feed and other XML documents into your websites. I’ve had fun writing it. I hope you have fun using it.