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PHP By Example will provide web-publishing oriented individuals the opportunity to learn a new, flexible Internet scripting language, PHP. This book will take the reader through step-by-step examples that will help them gain an understanding of PHP. PHP By Example will:

  • Explain concepts in simple, understandable tasks with multiple approaches to concepts that need clarification.

  • Encourage and train the reader to break problems down into logical steps.

About the Author

Toby Butzon is an experienced developer with a unique interest in Web programming. His constant use of Web scripting for many years has given him a thorough understanding of the subject. Being primarily self-taught, he knows which programming concepts are more difficult than others and has developed methods of teaching those concepts to minimize any difficulties for those new to programming.

Toby is fluent in scripting languages such as PHP, ASP, and Perl, and he works comfortably in C/C++ on both Windows and Linux. He also has experience designing databases for Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. Integrating databases into Web sites is so common for him that it's almost second nature (right behind coding some good ol' PHP).