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HTML5 for Web Designers

When the book first landed on my doorstep, I was a bit let down by its meagre length of around 85 pages. I have to be honest, however, and admit I had not done my research before its arrival. From the book’s inception, the publishers stated that they intended to produce something to fill the […]

HTML5 Designing Rich Internet Applications

Four of us doctors have read this book (figure 1) and in our opinion it contains an unacceptable number of errors which makes it misleading to the reader. The preface claims “a group called the Web Standards project began developing HTML5 in 2007”. It didn’t; it was the WHATWG, in 2004. In “spring 2010 .. Microsoft formerly [sic] […]

Selecting The Most Effective VPN Support

Receiving VPN or possibly a electronic exclusive network is going to be a thing that will be really critical in fact, in order to anyone which uses the world wide web.  This is not only just an item of technologies that may one minute be necessary when you wish in order to obtain from the […]